Light a Candle

Let Us Light A Candle For You

On Saturday, February 27, 1982, a tradition began. On the dedication day of our National Shrine, the beautiful St. Photios Chapel came alive with the glow of candles lighted in memory of the “Protoporoe”- our parents, and grandparents, and great grandparents who forged a new life in a strange land so that we might enjoy freedom and a better life.

Hundreds of candles were lit by the Greek Orthodox faithful present that day. Thousands, however, were not able to be present for this historic event, but they were able to participate in spirit. They submitted their names, the names of loved ones and the names of their ancestors who first came to this land and we lighted a candle for them. This is the tradition we speak of now. Each day in the year ahead, candles will be lit on behalf of the names submitted to the Shrine. Won’t you share in this sacred traditions by letting us light a candle for you?

Please submit names of those to be remembered, and your donations payable to:
St. Photios Shrine.
P.O. Box 1960
St. Augustine, FL 32085